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KySaMa Angels - Guardians for your Business


KySaMa Angels are committed to providing our clients with reliable, competent and compliant Bookkeeping, Education and Training Services.

Our Vision

To help create financial freedom to businesses and to assist their development and growth, by establishing, implementing and maintaining systems for office and financial management, which enable individuals and management teams to achieve and enhance their chosen passion & lifestyle. We strive for communication solutions that get results with simple, informative systems.

Our Mission

To facilitate sufficiently available bookkeepers at a regional level who are highly trained and professionally recognised to evaluate, develop, establish, implement and maintain timely recording and reporting of financial business information which accurately reflects business operations from a broad social perspective; and encourages businesses to take responsibility in the way they keep their books and contribute to the local community and society in general.

We are constantly searching for ways in which we can improve our business and yours, applying the win-win solutions, utilising the latest in technology advances as well as providing hands on help for all our clients.

Successful businesses rely on timely financial management information.  This can only be produced with accurate record keeping.