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Kerry Bugden - KySaMa Director

I established this business some 8-9 years ago, with a passion to show a few friends how to establish and maintain an accounting package and not be stressed... if stress continued, then some one else was engaged to do the do, whilst I continued education with the business owner to be reading, analysing and making decisions based on the information the financials were showing. So with word of mouth, business expanded. Opportunities, challenges and many doors opened, including a teaching position through the local ACE network, this of course was fantastic, and created more requirements for trained, efficient bookkeepers, the demand never seems to out weigh the need... My passion is to teach, to allow any one who wishes to learn or listen to the simplicity of bookkeeping, and compliance maintenance of an accounting package to enhance the business activities and life in general.
There is required to be a level of responsibility from each client to the presentation
of their MYOB file (or similar accounting package) and set of accounts,,,,, most clients are able to complete level 1 bookkeeping to some degree, some vary at stages higher ….
As this is the case, before the “accounts” get to the stage of review, reporting etc, level 4 bookkeeping is required…. And several KPI (Key Performance Indicators) need to be in place and adhered to
So as when decisions and business choices are available, options and trusted financial figures are available at a moment…
The system flows from the entry point, through to the accounting point, with no major hiccups or changes,,,,, all reporting requirements along the way are fulfilled and satisfied to meet with compliances of ATO / ASIC / Banks / Statutory Bodies etc etc. AS well as (& most importantly) THE OWNER of the business and the management team they have engaged, has AT ALL times a clear picture of their business…..
This is only possible if set up, entry and maintenance are maintained at a level of responsibility…and consistency
Accuracy & Integrity are two components that are established early with all clients.

Kylie Bugden

Kylie has recently re-joined the KySaMa Angels again after a brief journey through the university medical field...we welcome her.

Kylie brings with her much expertise and many experiences that only add value to her services for clients.

Currently undertaking her Cert IV in Accounting, she has re-designed the business website, whilst establishing her own group of clientelle, she is amazing.

Kylie is in the age bracket of "computerisation" and thrives on every opportunity and challenge to  improve and enhance systems for the business.